What a Summer…

What a summer this has been. It has been the craziest of rollercoaster rides that leaves on the exit platform wanting to ride it again and again.

I have had the great fortune of meeting an incredible new group of friends, that not only welcomed me with open arms, but also went out of their way to help me open up. To this I am eternally grateful.

Throughout this past year I have grown exponentially as a person. And gotten to know more and more about my self and identity than before. I can’t even begin to thank all of my friends, old and new, for being there and helping me and supporting my choices. Some of them were big and others small, but they were all steps in the direction that I want to go in.

One of the biggest areas that I have grown in is my sexuality.  Before this summer, and really this year in general, I had no idea as to where to start. Thanks to a bunch of my friends I have a few directions to start off in.  To the New England Rubber Men, thank you for welcoming me in to your group so readily, even though I (still) don’t own any rubber.  To the pups and masters that I have chatted with, both in person and online, thank you for giving me so much information about the lifestyle, about the in and outs of these relationships.  

Tomorrow (technically today :P), I move back into the dorms at my college. The past three years I have been living in various apartments and situations with someone who has grown to be a great friend of mine. It’s gonna be weird not seeing him all the time. From all the late night hookahs on the porch, to the walks around downtown Boston, these last few years have been great. You have helped push my art and me as a person. Thank you.

I can finally say that I am starting to turn things around. There will still be many ups and downs ahead but I rest easy knowing that I have an amazing group of people all around me.